Content Management

Content Management

ASAP Globalizers is a one-stop shop for content management. We build and supply multilingual content management systems and we manage your content, working with raw data to produce the required online result, in all major languages.

Here's a summary of what we do:

CMS Development

Whether your company needs a straightforward off-the-shelf CMS or a custom-made multilingual set-up, the developers and engineers of ASAP Globalizers will supply exactly the solution you're looking for - from SiteCore to AxCSM and Alfresco and everything in between.

And we don't just build your CMS, we maintain and fill it as well.

Website Content Management

Let us set up your website as a CMS and save time and money on maintenance. Once we're done building your web pages, it's up to you whether you prefer to maintain the content yourself through a user-friendly CMS user interface or supply us with raw data whenever you need us to update your site for you. Ease of use and cost reduction are core values of any CMS-run website we build.

Enterprise Content Management.

At ASAP Globalizers we use appropriate technology and software to create, collect, manage, store, retrieve and publish content of any kind, including documents and unstructured organizational data, in order to help you achieve your targets. Content can include financial data, business records, customer service data, marketing information, images, video or other types of digital information.

Our enterprise content management (ECM) process consists of a streamlined implementation of ECM tools as well as manual procedures and typically includes the following tasks:

1. Content collection
2. Content classification
3. Workflow definition
4. Access control and delivery
5. Content update
6. Content translation
7. Content distribution.

Get in touch with us to find out more about cost-saving and efficient ways to keep your online presence up to date.

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