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Mobile App Localization

As a mobile app developer or marketer, one of your main targets will be increasing your app’s exposure, which would increase its MAUs (Monthly Active Users). After all any increases in revenue, are directly proportional to this. For you to be able to increase your exposure, you would have to explore the different regions and user types in order to determine their preferences and to some extent tailor the app to best meet their interests. One of the ways this is done is through mobile app localization. (more…)

About localization of SAP materials into Japanese

When localizing SAP material into Japanese, there are many factors to take into consideration. Through years of experience, Kawamura International has been an SAP language partner for the past decade, and our board member, Kozo Moroguchi has provided us with the 3 main things you should know when localizing SAP material into Japanese. (more…)