SAP Translation and Localization

SAP Translation

As SAP certified Language Service Partners, we have the extensive professional translation experience and proficiency you’re looking for when you need to adapt custom-built or additional developments to various languages. We apply SAP’s style and quality guidelines in a format that fulfills all Software Factory criteria required when translating such content.

SAP’s development and translation environment is unique. Yet your project is safe with us, as we are professionals in handling SAP terms and translation tools (SE63 and others) and have expert staffing and project management skills.

We handle the translation and adaptation of your:

  • User interfaces in SAP system environments
  • User assistance environments in SAP systems
  • Documentation related to SAP add-ons and business processes
  • Customized SAP training courses
  • SAP user license agreements and sales collateral

And we don’t just translate, we set up SAP translation environments as well. The SAP certified Language Technology partners in ASAP Globalizers are experts in helping you determine the best set-up and strategy for your specific international SAP system landscape. Services can include aspects like scope analysis, translation method selection, system preparation, language delivery and post-processing of translations to ensure future leverage of initial language deliveries.

SAP Translation Hub

SAP Translation Hub is a new tool offered by SAP which supports the translation of UI texts by using a repository of SAP-approved translations and terminology as well as machine translation. The translation resources can be accessed by an API as well as other methods. Additionally, SAP Document Translation supports the translation of HTML, office or XLIFF files through  APIs.

The members of ASAP Gobalizers were among the first to advice how to efficiently use the SAP Translation Hub.

We advise our clients in the areas:

  1. Developing a suitable „use-strategy“ for SAP Translation Hub
  2. Optimal integration of the SAP Translation Hub into the translation workflow
  3. Setting up an efficient Post Editing workflow
  4. Assessing the possible translation quality levels possible with the SAP Translation Hub

SAP Technical consultancy

The SAP Language Consultancy Service offered by ASAP Globalizers targets customers with a special need for local versions of their SAP ERP or cloud system. SAP customers planning a global roll-out or SAP implementation partners developing add-ons to an SAP ERP or cloud system can benefit from the knowledge and experience ASAP Globalizers gained in this very special field of SAP services. The ASAP Globalizers member performing this technical consultancy is one of only four companies worldwide which are SAP Partners in this field.

SAP’s software is available in more than 38 languages. The benefit for SAP customers is clear: the fact that the software can be implemented in the language of the various local markets is a definitive advantage in today’s global business environment.

On the other hand, companies often have individual content in their ERP or cloud systems like custom developments, customizing data, master data, add-ons, SAPScript and Adobe forms, which should also be available in different languages for users in local subsidiaries and local customers.

ASAP Globalizers will help your company to get this content translated, regardless of whether you’re an SAP end customer or SAP implementation partner. As translation workflows and processes need to be harmonized with the development, testing and productive phases of a project, very specific technical and linguistic skills are required to streamline the complexities of a multilingual SAP environment. We know how to deal with these challenges, however, and have all of the necessary know-how and experience to guarantee a successful global roll-out. Here are just a few examples of what we do:

  • Setting up the translation environment (“SE63 setup”),
  • Training in the SAP translation module SE63,
  • Determining the scope of translation (“Scoping”),
  • Planning the effort of translation for scheduling, resource and cost planning,
  • Determining the appropriate system(s) where the translations should be performed,
  • Organizing the transports between the different systems,
  • Dealing with translation from different source and development languages into multiple target languages,
  • Organizing core localization tasks like the translation of customizing entries and custom developments, then the roll-out into different languages,
  • Managing delta translations and reusing existing ones in case of a release upgrade.

With our experience gained in the area of SAP business system translations, ASAP Globalizers help you find the best solution for the planning, executing and maintenance of localized versions.

You are welcome to @@book your consultation@@ to discuss how we can support your global business, your needs and the ways to meet them.