Translation and Localization


Documentation and Training Translation

All of our documentation and training services are European (EN15038) Translation Services quality standards compliant.

Documentation for a product and service is part of a product and service and an important tool for your business.

How can we help you to ensure proper presentation of your documentation? We are all experienced in converting texts rich in jargon used within a particular profession and industry.

Just to name a few examples, we offer translation services for:

  • Technical documentation
  • Medical documentation
  • Product documentation
  • Project descriptions
  • Operating and service manuals
  • Safety and quality procedure documentation
  • Training

Your challenge is to accurately adapt your training support for each culture and language. Our training translation services help you achieve high results in trainee skill development and course completion.

2. Marketing Translation

All of our marketing communication (MarCom) translation services are European (EN15038) Translation Services quality standards compliant.

We help you to run your business globally by applying what we call “copy-editing” processes, where a commercial message is not just translated, but adapted and where necessary recreated as well, thus assuring that your marketing content is as relevant, informative and convincing as possible in each locale.

Our teams recreate written documents, internationalize audio tracks and reproduce graphics to improve your international marketing, branding, advertising and internal communications.

As language specialists, our marketing experts can offer you a complete portfolio of text translation and creative services including:

  • Flyers and brochures
  • Success stories and case studies
  • Website content
  • Catalogues
  • Fact sheets
  • Press releases
  • Newsletters
  • Reports
  • Internal sales collaterals

Transcreation Marketing translations often aren’t good enough. Only a successfully transcreated message evokes the same emotions and carries the same implications in the target language as it does in the source language. That is why transcreation, i.e. the recreation of a marketing document in a different language, plays such a pivotal role at ASAP Globalizers. Discover how we adapt your marketing and advertising campaigns, ensuring that you achieve maximum impact in each market in a cost-effective manner.

3. Legal Translation

All of our legal translation services are European (EN15038) Translation Services quality standards compliant.

We provide translation services for various target audiences, such as internal/external auditors, lawyers and software end users. Examples of what we do are:

Legal material for informative purposes

Legal material of a more formal nature, like contracts, legal actions, disclosures, arbitration proceedings, agreements and settlements

Software end user agreements

Not every translator is a legal translator, so we always make sure to assign legal content to resources with years of experience in the legal domain.

4. Medical Translation

All of our medical translation services are European (EN15038) Translation Services quality standards compliant.

If you’re a developer of medical software, a manufacturer of medical appliances or a medical research institute, you’re well aware of the need to get your user interfaces and documents translated accurately and with the right vocabulary.

The medical translation partners within ASAP Globalizers know what it takes to serve your market and work with seasoned resources who have been involved in medical translations for many years.

Discover the advantages of a medical translation supplier that understands your concerns.


Discover how ASAP Globalizers localize and – by doing so – extensively help you to furnish your products and contents as if originally and uniquely created for your various target markets. Software solutions can only be successful with the proper software translation. After all, the UI, all related documents and the required marketing material must be accurately adapted with a look and feel that are culturally relevant for your prospective clients.

Discover how our SAP localization expertise – the most prominent common factor of ASAP Globalizers – as well as the experience we accumulated localizing products for ERP, BI, mobile, medical, and technical software producers would also be a perfect basis for the development and expansion plans of your company

Here are some of the services we provide:

  • Localization and testing of user interfaces and online help
  • Translation of enablement packages
  • Translation and transcreation of marketing content and sales collaterals
  • Multilingual design and development of your website


Critical business processes require consistent wording to avoid misunderstandings and stoppages. That is why it makes sense to catch your company “speak” in a well researched single or multiple language terminology database.

Learn how we can build a company dictionary which will prove to be a crucial tool towards the clearness and transparency of your documents, in any language.

Our offering includes:

  • Set-up of terminology databases and term lists
  • Creation of custom glossaries for specific domains
  • Development of style guides
  • SAP Translation & Localization