Graphic analysis

Image annotation and object detection

Your images contain information capable of conveying meaning. And this information can be tagged and used effectively to your commercial advantage. Tagging can, for example, be used for categorizing products of an e-commerce catalog or for search optimization purposes. It very much depends on the specific requirements of the developer and the labels used for categorization purposes. 

How it works:

  • Through the process of annotation, the image is classified according to some predefined labels in the form of descriptive metadata.
  • Where the image contains text, annotation can be used to transcribe the text within the image, improving the overall character recognition accuracy of an OCR tool.
  • There are different types of annotation, among which bounding boxes, polygonal segmentation and semantic segmentation.
  • Labelled data is then exported to local or cloud storage providers, in different formats, and used for further processing.
  • Data can now be used for machine learning purposes (among which image recognition tasks).

Critical considerations:

Data labeling is a task that requires a significant amount of manual intervention and time. But in some cases, you can find already annotated open datasets suited to your purpose.

Image annotation requires a high degree of attention to visual detail and visual perception. A wide range of tools can support it. ASAP Globalizers can help you with Dataturks, VoTT, or your preferred tool.

It requires thorough training of the people tasked with this job.


ASAP Globalizers can assist you with high-quality human-annotated datasets.  We are present in many countries, and our workforce is all mother-tongues and able to identify cultural specificities and imagery. Labels can be defined in a variety of languages, and the service is always performed on time, 

Should you so require, we can also assist you with a post-edited machine translation of the same concepts, i.e., multi-country SEO or sentiment analysis of images.

Please  @@book a consultation@@ to discuss your annotation requirements further. We will gladly assist you with a strategy / execution suited to the specific task.