Automated Alignment

Automatic alignment. Your content, your corpus.

Do you want content that reads like your competitor’s? Probably not.

Do you want content that perfectly ties in with all your legacy materials and reflects your corporate’s language as to product documentation, corporate communications and marketing? Probably yes.

How does this tie in with Machine Translation?


Identifying the problem:

  1. Neural Machine Translation engines need to be “fed” with high quality and relevant bilingual content. It is called “engine training”. The first point of call for this is your legacy bilingual material. In this way, your engine develops a “flair” for preferred linguistic choices, in line with corporate comms traditions.
  2. Developing a machine translation engine is not a one-off activity but an iterative one, requiring continuous updating. For this purpose, you need a more significant amount of high-quality training data in bilingual format (the so-called corpus).
  3. To create such a data set, you can use human translation, the ideal solution in terms of quality, but this would take up many resources and often, much of your corporate comms may not be in a bilingual format.
  4. You could in theory, align the monolingual datasets manually, but this would come at a high cost.


Our solution:

ASAP Globalizers can help you generate relevant corpora that help train translation engines in an effective and targeted way.

The automatic alignment service offered by ASAP Globalizers leverages AI and natural language processing technology to inject an extra layer of efficiency in your corpora creation activities. Through our process, training data can be automatically gathered based on specific metrics to evaluate machine translation, among which the BLEU, RIBES and TER scores, as well as other calculation methods most suited to your local language.

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