Interactive multimedia and video based content is now the leading medium for engaging with clients and employees. However, to target audiences around the globe, you need appropriately internationalized audio-visual products.

Whether it is a streaming marketing presentation, corporate schooling or e-learning course, ASAP Globalizers has all of the required skills and facilities to help you with your multimedia content.

Our voice-over services include:

  • Source script editing and reworking to accommodate the translation and recording process
  • Script translation and editing
  • Implementation of customer review feedback of the translated script
  • Creating and sending samples for voice talent selection by the customer
  • Dubbing
  • Post-editing by voice engineers
  • Final synch with the visual components
  • Delivery in the customer’s preferred format (.wav, .mp3, etc.)

ASAP Globalizers provide native-speaking actors and voice talents who have the expertise to achieve our clients’ goals.