Software Localization

Discover how ASAP Globalizers localize and – by doing so – extensively help you to furnish your products and contents as if originally and uniquely created for your various target markets. Software solutions can only be successful with the proper software translation. After all, the UI, all related documents and the required marketing material must be accurately adapted with a look and feel that are culturally relevant for your prospective clients.

Discover how our SAP localization expertise – the most prominent common factor of ASAP Globalizers – as well as the experience we accumulated localizing products for ERP, BI, mobile, medical, and technical software producers would also be a perfect basis for the development and expansion plans of your company

Here are some of the services we provide:

  • Localization and testing of user interfaces and online help
  • Translation of enablement packages
  • Translation and transcreation of marketing content and sales collaterals
  • Multilingual design and development of your website